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We are a small production company based in Boston, MA. We specialize in small and medium events such as weddings, B'nai Mitzvot, school/organization dances, corporate parties, and house parties. We have several packages available, ranging from a simple music set-up, to a full dance audio/lighting system, with each package designed to meet your event needs.


Sonex DJ Co. provides various services to ensure that your event is just the way you want it. Emphasizing planning and convenience, we interact with our clients the way we would like to be interacted with, and try to be helpful at all stages of the event.


We always communicate with and meet our clients well before the event. We will travel to YOU, and we will be prepared with a set of basic questions to help make your event great.


What else would a DJ company do? We have a music collection with over 10,000 songs available, ranging from todays top 100, to swing music from yesteryear. Do you and your family have a special song? No problem! In our pre-event meeting we will discuss play lists, and do-not-play lists, so that you have the perfect soundtrack for your event.


During an event, sometimes music isn't enough to keep guests entertained. So, we have a full dance lighting setup to get guests out of their chairs and on the dance floor, all at no extra cost! We also are able to provide party favors for the younger guests, and run games and contests to make sure you and your guests are entertained for the entire event.

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Sonex DJ Co. is run by Ross Friedman, a student at Newton North High School, along with his friends and partners Doug Whitham and Ian Downie.


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